AFC-Shri Ram Organic Venture

AFC - Shri Ram Organic Venture

Organic food is a growing business with good long-term prospects. The demand for the organic foods is rising in domestic as well as in export markets. Emergence of modern format retail, growing concerns for health, increasing purchasing power of consumers has accelerated the growth of organic food sector in India. Although, Govt. of India and various agencies are promoting organic farming through its various schemes like NHM, RKVY, etc, a systematic approach including all stakeholders of organic sector is important for developing Indian organic sector. Networking activities to create strategic alliances to boost both market access and farm productivity should be the priority.

Realizing the importance of Organic farming, Shri Ram Agro Innovatives (A unit of Shri Ram Solvent Extractions Pvt. Ltd.)was established in year 2010 for the development of sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture system in the country.

Since last 5 years, we are intensively engaged with farmers across Indian states in motivating them to adopt chemical free agriculture system and help them to get their land and produce certified as per govt. and buyers norms. We are committed to provide both backward and forward linkages to farmer groups through providing quality organic input services and creating suitable market linkages.

The Shri Ram Agro Innovatives is a joint venture working with Agricultural Finance Corporation(AFC) since last 3-4 years. This company has employed a team of dedicated profissional from various fields to deliver knowledge and heads on implematetion skill.

AFC India is a multi-disciplinary consultancy and technical support organization specializing in agriculture and rural development segments of the economy. The company has been providing broad-based consultancy services since 1968.

Project Details

Adoption and Certification of Organic Farming in Horticultural Fruits and Vegetables crops with Web Managed Traceability Records for the Facilitation of Export and Domestic Retail Chain in the state of Chhattisgarh Under National Horticulture Mission (NHM). AFC India Ltd was assigned to work for 5156 ha area in the year 2011 to present. The state Directorate of Horticulture had issued the work order for the implementation in three districts, i.e. Bilaspur, Durg, Jagdalpur, Kabir Dham, Raigarh, Raipur, Dhamtari, Kanker, Baloda Bazar, Bametra and Gariyaband.

Projects Overview

Chhattisgarh -1 (1500Ha)
District Total Farmer's Total Area
Bilaspur 127 317.12 Ha
Durg 187 318.79 Ha
Jagdalpur 203 330.08 Ha
Kabir Dham 97 159.84 Ha
Raigarh 147 263.34 Ha
Raipur 124 255.20 Ha
Chhattisgarh -2 (900Ha)
District Total Farmer's Total Area
Baloda Bazar 257 342.87 Ha
Gariyaband 260 324.93 Ha
Bemetra 197 322.36 Ha
Chhattisgarh -3 (1100Ha)
District Total Farmer's Total Area
Bemetara 156 308.72 Ha
Dhamtari 109 120.34 Ha
Durg 218 301.97 Ha
Jagdalpur 345 460.51 Ha
Chhattisgarh-4 (1250Ha)
District Total Farmer's Total Area
Bilaspur 385 534.26 Ha
Kanker 194 254.96 Ha
Raipur 380 505.01 Ha